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I'm a UX designer skilled in Figma and front-end web development. I value simplicity, collaboration with others, and getting things done. Check out what I've been up to below.

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About Me

I've always been the person people can come to when they need help creating something. I started out as an instructional designer working for FIVE GUYS (yes, the burger place) and eventually found my way into working in UX design and web development.

Most of my time now is spent helping people create products for the web. I enjoy problem solving, learning along the way, and getting things out the door.

Here's what I do:

UX DesignUX ResearchUI DesignWeb developmentEmployee training

My Creative Process

Step 1 - Research

Good designers don't talk, they ask questions and listen. During this phase I'm like a detective - speaking to everyone from users to stakeholders to find out everything necessary for a well-informed design.

Step 2 - Design

The design phase is where I translate what I've learned into flows and eventually mockups of the actual product. The designs at this point aren't meant to be perfect - they're meant to be conversation starters.

Step 3 - Build

This is where I put it all together - either creating the product myself or writing user stories for engineering to deliver. I like to focus on delivering work in small chunks and soliciting feedback until the stakeholder is ready to go live.

...and repeat

Development doesn't stop once a product goes out. After a product is launched the work begins of monitoring user behavior and soliciting feedback. These learnings are then incorporated into the beginning of another iterative design cycle.

Featured Projects

Resume Builder

This small web app, currently in development, illusrates my approaches to clean and simple form design. A lot of what makes writing a resume difficult is people a) don't know what to put and b) don't know how to make it look good - this app will help with both. In addition this project also demonstrates my attention to detail with UI design elements.



I really can't stand recipe websites, so I created my own with an emphasis on the key user experience features that people really want when they visit a site like this. This site went viral on reddit in 2020. Direct feedback and passive analytics showed that users wanted imperial and metric measurements, search, and a way to browse content. Check out the site to see how those features were implemented.

ReactGatsbyMaterial-UIContentfulNetlifyPlausible AnalyticsAlgolia Search


There are many to-do apps out there but this one is mine! It's a fully functional task tracking app that allows you to add tasks, categories, and add notes to each task. Check this one out to see some approaches I use for user interface design.

JavascriptWebpackSemantic UINetlify

Valley Heat Podcast

After getting into this podcast, I noticed it had no official website so I reached out to the creator and it turns out he was having a hard time getting the site to look the way he wanted with Wordpress. After stepping in, I had a functioning website for his show that met his design aesthetic in less than a month.


Drippple CMS

I created a CMS using the traditional LAMP stack as an exercise for learning PHP. Drippple is a fully functioning blogging platform with the ability to manage users and content.

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Tools and Technologies

Here are the tools and technologies I frequently use during the design and development process:


Collaborative UI design and prototyping tool


Gotta have markup at some point if you want a website


Makes websites look nice!


Programming language for front and back-end web development


Front-end Javascript library for building user interfaces


The world's most popular website builder


Open source content management system


Source code management


Everyone's favorite server OS that just won't quit

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Washington Metro Area, United States
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